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Nga Wei En's Webpage

Education background & Portfolio

My current highest level of education is O'level and from Yio Chu Kang Secondary School (YCKSS) .

I got 17points for L1R5 and 14points for L1R2B2 . This consists of C6 in English, B3 in Combined Humanity , B3 in Principle Of Accounting , A2 in Mathematics , A2 in Chinese , A1 in Combined Science.

Based on the results of my O'level , you'll know that my English isn't so ideal as compare to my Chinese . This is probably because I was grown up in a Chinese speaking family and I studied primary school --- Chong Eng Primary School at Kluang , Malaysia . My Primary School is a Chinese-medium school . I've been taught every subjects in Chinese . Thus , this explained why my Chinese is way better than my English .

Other than Chinese and English , I also know some Malay as Malay is a compulsory subject in Primary School of Malaysia . However , I don't usually speak Malay and I don't need to speak Malay . So , i'm actually a hidden 'trilingual' .

For my Co-curriculum in Secondary School,I joined an Uniform Group called National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) and has a rank of 'Sergeant' .