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Nga Wei En's Webpage


Just like most of the typical boys, I'm also like to play games very much no matter it's online games , offline games , PC games or mobile games. I've tried quite a lot of different kind of games .

There are some games that I find it quite interesting . For mobile games , I'm still playing Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) , Clash Royale , Clash of Clan (COC) and Mobile Legends . You can check my Clash Royale profile here .

For PC games, I still playing League of Legend (LOL) , Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) . You can check my LOL profile . You also can add me on steam .

Do add me in games so we can play together . If you discover new exciting games , you can also introduce me to play with you .

This is the website that can check your game profile for PUBG , Clash Royale , LOL and Overwatch .